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Volume 3, Issue 2
September 17, 2002

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Pineapple Racing

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Rotary Exploded

The core business of Pineapple Racing is rotary engine building for racing and street performance applications. The owner, Rob Golden, has 20 years experience in this field and has developed a national clientele. Engine building services include a wide variety of performance and reliability modifications, such as intake and exhaust porting, modifying oil passages and bearings for better lubrication, machining rotors to reduce mass, and so forth. Beyond rotary engine work, Pineapple Racing offers piston engine rebuilding and performance modifications, transmission rebuilding, carburetor tuning, performs special research and development projects, and sells performance-related aftermarket products to enthusiasts. While 2-rotor rotary engines are the norm, Pineapple Racing can claim to be one of the few shops to have worked on 1-, 3-, and 4-rotor engines, as well.

Many friends of this site have installed rebuilt or modified engines from Pineapple with great results.

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Mazda RX-7 - 3rd Generation

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The Houston RX-7 Club hosts a list of clubs around the USA. Find one near you and join today. Get in on the fun and meet fellow rotary-powered car owners. Whether you own an RX-8, RX-7, RX-3, Cosmo, or other car, you are sure to be welcome!

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