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Volume 4, Issue 1
February 26, 2003

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Lightning in a World of Thunder has been collecting various video and audio clips for some time. We have clips of the 3rd generation RX-7 (FD) as well as the RX-8, the LeMans-winning 787B, and previous generations of RX-7. One must-not-miss video (actually a series) is the Project X Japanese show about the development of the rotary (includes the English translation script).

The video clip are categorized by topic, such as road racing, drag racing, TV and commercials, theatrical-release movies, and interactive 3D cars like the following sample:

Click and hold with your mouse on the image of the blue car above, and then drag to rotate the image.

The audio clips (.MP3 and .WAV) include the "Zoom-Zoom" song as well as sound clips of the Mazda 787B LeMans car.

Please email more videos or links to them, as we are always on the lookout for more of these for the site.

Submit any articles, events, press releases, web sites, new products, etc. that you would like featured here.

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Mazda 787B


We now have a new page dedicated to the LeMans-winning Mazda 787B. The page includes specifications, still photos of the car and engine, video and audio clips, and extra such as models and toys of the 787B.

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda has created a new web site for the RX-8 now that it is almost available here in the US. They are doing a tie-in with the forthcoming X-Men movie sequel, and there is some nice stuff on the Mazda site around that.


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