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Last updated: April 26, 2004


This web site is designed to provide information on the 3rd generation (1993 - '95) Mazda RX-7. Some info may apply to other generations, but do not assume it will.

It is a combination of:

The site is the collected knowledge of 5+ years of development and tuning on the 3rd generation car by the RX-7 Internet community (as well as heaps of experience with the previous generations of the RX-7 and its predecessors). It is truly a collaboration of many people's efforts.

This site is intended to supplement the shop manual, not replace it. See the Books section for information on this and other reference books you will probably want to buy.

Please see About This Site for more info.

How to use this site

  1. First read the legalese and copyright information, terms of use, etc. - users of this site agree to abide by the terms stated therein. Sorry, but given the times we live in, this is necessary.

  2. First read the FAQ section. This provides a lot of background and answers many common questions. Examples of items covered in the FAQ section:

  3. If you want to learn about various upgrades or modifications available for your car, go to the Upgrades section.

    You will first want to read the Upgrade Plans/Stages section in order to develop an organized approach to your tuning / mods. This also provides some budgetary estimates / costs.

    Once you have a plan, select an Upgrade category such as Engine, Suspension, or Wheels. Research the theory behind the upgrades (why you want to do it) and the pros/cons to doing it. Read the product, company, and vendor reviews and opinions there.

    This information is kept up to date, but there are new products or enhanced versions of existing products coming out all the time. So while it is a good idea to read the information here first, don't hesitate to ask a question of the people on the mailing list once you have done your homework.

  4. Once you have decided what to buy, then check out the How-to section for instructions on how to install the equipment or perform maintenance or service. These procedures often include photos, diagrams, time estimates, and tools required for performing the work. They should also allow you to assess the difficulty of the project, and make a decision on whether you should attempt it yourself or take the car to a shop.

  5. Sign up for the Mailing List. There are over 1500 people subscribed to it, and it is a great community.

    By spending the time reading through the various sections on the site, you will be able to ask more informed questions of the mailing list. (i.e.- you won't come off as a total newbie, even though we were all there at one time.)

Book Format

There is now a Tabel of Contents for this site, that appears as if it was a book format.

Still can't find the answer?

IF you have read through the various sections and havn't found an answer to your question, use the Search Engine on the front page.

Still no answer? Try posting a question to the Mailing List.

Worst case, drop the site owner an email.

Happy rotoring!

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