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Last Updated August 8th, 1996

I had been contacted through my lawyer by the lawyer that represented Mazda in my case. This lawyer took issue with a couple pieces of opinion I had on my site. I figured it would be easier to just take the site down than try to clean it up so that it didn't offend anyone badly enough to sue me (not that I was threatened by a suit in this phone call). Besides, this site doesn't do squat for me (other than allow me to gloat a little bit).

But.... I got a really inspiring e-mail message that made me decide to take the time to clean things up and put it back out again.

The message came from an employee at a dealership which will remain nameless. This person told me that many people at Mazda are aware of my site and that it might actually be doing some good.

Here's some select snipped quotes from that message:

"I thought you might would like to hear about what other people at the dealer thought of your page. The first guy I gave it to was the (RX)7 specialist who told me about it. He read it and thought it was great. (so did everyone else that read it).
I called Mazda today. I called technical assistance on a Millenia, but decided to ask them what they thought of your page. They both agreed (because I worked at a dealer) that you were correct in your statements and that they were glad that someone actually did something about it. I know the time you spent developing the page was tiresome. It was needed and appreciated by a lot of dissatisfied Mazda customers. I do believe that you have started a new trend in dealing with dealers.
By the way, our service managers loved it. I have it in my office in a clear bound notebook with the picture of your 7 on top. It is reading material for my customers. I might not be able to verbally tell them things they need to know, but maybe it will give them some pointers.. And after all, it may help Mazda to become a better company.
I just wanted to let you know that your work was appreciated and that it did alot of good. And to say Thank You from a lot of Mazda employees that can't take any action. If you ever need any information or anything, drop me line. "

That was enough for me to put the site back up. Many names have been removed, a number of opinions have been removed or softened, and a lot of individual's phone numbers and e-mail addresses have been taken off (especially from the List of other owners who have had problems with Mazda and/or RX-7s section. But, the hard-edged criticism of Mazda, the long sordid history of my case, and all the good technical information on 3rd generation RX-7s remains so have fun....

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