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My Lemon Law Lawyer

My lawyer was:

Bill McGee
Rosner, Law and McGee
2643 Fourth Street
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 232-5811

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Bill is professional and competent and probably one of the best Lemon Law attorneys out there. He was referred to me by a lawyer that represents another manufacturer as the most worthy adversary he had encountered. I figured it was a good testimonial and I was right.

Also, let me point out that he didn't ask for or approve of this site. In fact, he'd probably rather not be associated with it at all.

In a lemon law case, knowledge of the specific laws, familiarity with the players, and preparation are all important. Bill only does lemon law cases so he knows the law cold. Possibly more importantly, he knows the manufacturer's representatives and lawyers. This is a distinct advantage.

On the preparation front, Bill is impeccable. He does all his research and organization ahead of time and comes to depositions and trials well prepared, with summary documents, etc. He anticipates the defense and knows how to counter it.

Bill took my case on full contingency, meaning if I didn't win, I didn't have to pay him anything. The fees for legal services in my case were as follows:

In addition, for California Lemon Law cases, if the consumer wins, the manufacturer must pay all reasonable legal expenses. So, Bill made a small amount of money from me ($3,200) and a large amount from Mazda ($16,000). Since he wins almost all his cases, this makes for a decent living.

I know nothing of this guy, but there is another lawyer in Cailfornia who practices Lemon Law and has a web site. You can check it out at: .

No one paid me to say all this.

I (Steve Cirian) new "keeper" of the Lemon Site, got this from the office of the attorney that represented the person who originally created the Lemon Site:


My name is Randy Sottile, and I am the Business Administrator for Bill McGee. Bill now has his own private lemon law practice, and has become one of California's largest Lemon Law firms.

We appreciate your article about Mr. McGee, and we now have come out with a FREE California Lemon Law Handbook. I noticed you have a hyperlink resources page, and was wondering if you could put a hyperlink to us under the titling:

FREE Lemon Law Handbook for California residents

To our knowledge, no one has ever done this before. Visit our site and fill out a request form, and we will mail one out to right away!

Thanks again.

Randy Sottile

Law Offices of William R. McGee

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