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Last Updated, January 22, 1998

Obviously, it is impossible to keep up to date with all of the stuff on the web regarding Mazda, RX-7s, or Lemon Law. You know how to use a search engine or two, try it. Still, here are some pointers that can be useful....

RX-7 Related

For me, by far the most useful source of RX-7 information is obtained by joining the RX7Net listserv. Here you will find lots of RX-7 ethusiasts talk about everything RX-7 releated (and a lot that isn't related at all). Most interestingly, you'll be able to share horror stories about your RX-7 problems and learn that you aren't alone. To subscribe to the list,, send the command:
subscribe rx7
in the body of a message to "Majordomo@World.STD.COM". If you want to subscribe something other than the account the mail is coming from, such as a local redistribution list, then append that address to the "subscribe" command; for example, to subscribe "local-rotary": subscribe rx7 A non-interactive (digest) version of this list is also available; to subscribe to that instead, replace all instances of "RX7" in the commands above with "RX7-digest".

If you want, you can send mail to the entire club ( But, I'd use discretion because it is a large list of people.

Other sources of RX-7 info are listed below:

Lemon Law Related

Mazda Related

Mazda Motors of America, Inc.
7755 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92718
Attn: customer Relations Department
or call 800-222-5500

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